Telecommunications and New Technologies Law Practice

Broadcast / Cable / Entertainment

One segment of the telecommunications practice includes representation of the broadcasting and cable sections — radio and television stations, FM and television translator stations, low power television stations, program producers, cable television systems, and wireless and satellite distribution systems. Our services to these sectors include:

  • Filing and prosecuting applications before the FCC to construct and operate new AM and FM radio and full power television broadcast stations; to obtain renewals of broadcast licenses; to transfer control, assign, and modify the licenses of existing broadcast stations; to prosecute rate matters related to cable television systems; to obtain FCC authorizations for related services, such as FM and television translator stations and low power television stations; and to obtain communications tower registrations.

  • Advising on general corporate and financing matters.

  • Negotiating and preparing agreements and contracts for sales of broadcast stations and cable systems, and associated facilities.

  • Counseling broadcasters and cable systems on compliance with federal regulations and policies, including rules governing Equal Employment Opportunity and other employment practices; the broadcast of political material, contests and lotteries; First Amendment, defamation and invasion of privacy claims; programming and signal carriage requirements; and environmental and air navigation hazard regulations pertinent to the construction and operation of communications towers.

  • Representing clients in contested and uncontested FCC proceedings, including license auctions, renewal of license and license revocation hearings, and appeals; and complaint, investigative show cause and rulemaking proceedings.

  • Filing FCC reports, such as Equal Employment Opportunity and Ownership Reports.

  • Representing clients in court proceedings, including appeals of FCC orders to the various U. S. Courts of Appeal, and trial proceedings before U.S. District Courts and state courts on First Amendment, defamation and invasion of privacy claims and other issues affecting broadcasting, cable and entertainment entities.

  • Filing and prosecuting copyright and trademark registrations for call signs and logos, as well as prosecuting and defending Lanham Act claims associated with trademark and service marks.

  • Counseling clients about cable "must carry" signals requirements/retransmission consent requirements and associated agreements.

  • Negotiating and preparing agreements, including royalty and copyright agreements, related to production and distribution of non-syndicated and syndicated talk, religious, sports and entertainment programs documentaries and feature films for broadcast radio and television and cable television systems and theaters.