Telecommunications and New Technologies Law Practice

New Technologies Law Practice

Our Telecommunications and New Technologies Practice offers a comprehensive new technologies practice. Our new technologies practice developed out of the synergies between clients which provided established Telecommunications services and clients that offered new and needed technology highspeed broadband established services.

Our new technologies practice has long been immersed in issues relating to the development and deployment of new technologies. In the telecommunications field, we have represented clients seeking FCC approval (type acceptance, certification, registration or notification) of equipment and devices using or emitting radio frequencies. We have also represented clients investing in, deploying and seeking authority to own and/or operate communications systems and equipment employing emerging technologies, such as fiber optic cable, wireless digital data transmission, high speed broadband, Asynchronous Transfer Mode ("ATM") switching, Packet Switching, infrared and laser transmissions.

We have also represented the initial entrants, including real estate developers, into the domestic and international wireless telephone and fiber optic transmission markets; and addressed issues arising from new technology entry into established markets. This market entry representation includes antitrust and Telecom Act litigation for and against established carriers and participation in anticompetitive proceedings before regulatory bodies.

In addition, we advise Telecommunications clients on transaction and litigation matters, patents, trademarks and copyrights and licensing of intellectual property.

We also represent clients in international technology licensing transactions. The firm's attorneys have represented international telecommunications equipment manufacturers in connection with FCC proceedings examining the implications of conversion of analog wireless services to digital wireless technology, and advised a leading computer manufacturer of the evolving technological, competitive and regulatory landscape of the telecommunications industry and on the implications for the computer industry of development of digital high definition television ("HDTV").

Our Telecommunications and New Technologies Practice's has also been actively involved in regulatory proceedings and have played a principal role in projects relating to integrated services digital technologies, fiber optic telecommunications, internet projects, and in other non-telecommunication industries. We have been involved in formation of a an entity to work with the federal government in infrastructure development and application projects, and have delivered lectures to federal and state officials, attorneys and other professionals on newly appearing technologies. We have participated in developing and presenting proposals for new applications of emerging technologies and in copyright and software licensing.

As Firm clients have acquired technology companies and invested in new technologies for domestic and international deployment, we have addressed international protection of intellectual property rights, technology export issues and matters relating to foreign investment in the United States.

We have also represented clients providing domain server with history and related internet services, and challenges to Internet content.

We have represented clients in litigation involving new technologies, including trade secret, trade mark, software rights, copyright (including software copyright), government contract and anti-trust and Telecommunications Act litigation.

We have represented companies acquiring total or partial ownership of new technologies such as "softswitch" software in the telecommunications area, wireless data telemetry and data collection devices, optical-electrical telecommunications infrastructure, and chemical compositions that remove environmental hazards from water and air.

Additionally, we have represented a technology company which developed telecommunications software that provides a software network providing real time access to customer networks operating with asynchronized transfer mode (ATM) switches. We advised this company in its successful offering of $125,000,000 in a private placement of securities. We also represented the company in the formation of a joint venture with a leading telecommunications equipment manufacturer for the further development and distribution of the ATM software, and represented its successor in interest until the company was sold to a leading competitor.

We represented two companies, each possessing telecommunications technology, in a reverse acquisition of a publicly owned shell corporation. The acquired company, since renamed, is in the process of becoming a leading data telemetry provider in the United States. Subsequent to the reverse acquisition, we represented the acquired company in a private placement of its securities and represented the company in corporate, securities, regulatory and litigation matters.

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