Telecommunications and New Technologies Law Practice

Telecommunications Law Practice

Our telecommunications practice offers a comprehensive telecommunications industry practice and represents:

  • The telecommunications common carrier industry

    Including local telephone companies, long-distance telephone and resale companies, cellular telephone systems, telecommunications under structured providers, international wireline and communications carriers using fiber optic lines, mobile paging and two-way communications systems, wireless and personal communications services ("PCS") providers, other commercial mobile radio service providers, and domestic and international satellite system and telecommunications operators, teleports and antenna and equipment manufacturers.

  • Private communications systems and users

    Including large corporations, financial institutions, health care institutions, universities, internet service providers ("ISPs") and others that routinely operate telecommunications networks or which transmit specialized video, high speed voice and/or data communications, police and other public safety and/or mobile radio systems' electronic site owners and managers, and providers of private fiber optic lines, wireless and private carrier paging and microwave services.

  • The broadcasting/cable/entertainment industry

    Including radio and television stations, program producers, syndicators, talent, cable television systems and satellite distribution systems.

Our representation of telecommunications clients encompasses all segments of the telecommunications industry — we appear before the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC"), state public utility commissions, and federal and state courts on regulatory and litigation matters. Our telecommunications practice also represents broadcasting and cable television companies, communications common and incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers and wireless carriers and other services providers in transactions of all kinds. We also advise, counsel and represent telecommunications service providers in antitrust and business litigation.

We also represents clients involved in the growing variety of enhanced advanced information service and electronic transmission and delivery technologies including wireline, wireless, microwave, cellular, satellite, PCS, broadband, cable and fiber optic.

We additionally represent clients in easement disputes with telecom providers, as well as real estate developers which intend to construct and operate the fiber network that will serve their real estate developments.

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